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Border Collie Breeders - Three Great Tips in Finding the Best Collie breeders

Looking for the right Border Collie breeders is a challenging endeavor. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a breeder who actually cares for the animals.

Some breeders may just breed dogs for the sole purpose of business, without care of the dog’s lineage or health. Below are a few helpful tips in finding the right breeder who can provide you the best dog.


With this, we do not only mean looking at newspaper ads or the Internet. Many Collie breeders will advertise that they have the best line. It is best to visit the breeder’s location and check out the environment.

At the onset of the visit, you will immediately see if the breeder is a real professional. Ask for a license or a permit to operate and documents of the dog’s lineage. Check if the breeder can show papers from veterinarians as proof of vaccination and thorough check-up of the dogs.


The next step is to interview the breeder. A breeder should be able to answer your questions without hesitations. The true professional Border Collie breeders should display sound knowledge of the dog’s nature, temperament, food requirements, etc.

If they can’t, do not buy Collie puppies from them. Here are a few questions that you can ask your breeder.

  • Tenure in the industry – ask the breeder how long he has been in the breeding program. We are not saying that new breeders cannot be trusted. However, tenure in the business will also help you assess the breeder’s caliber.
  • The sire and the dam – it is always best if Collie breeders own both the father and mother of the Collie puppies for sale. This will tell you that both the parents are taken care of and received the same vaccination, type of food, and so on.
  • Type of breeding – the type of breeding will help you determine if the puppies you are buying are suited for your needs. If the breeder is breeding for farming purposes, it is very likely that the puppies have higher energy levels and instinct in terms of herding. If the breeder has a program specifically for pets, the puppies are ideal for your home.
  • Puppy details – Border Collie breeders should be able to tell you what kind of training has been completed for the puppies. Have the puppies been socialized? Have they been vaccinated? When can you take the puppies home? Are they still nursing? What do the puppies eat? These are just a few of the many important questions that you need to ask about the puppies.


Finally, and perhaps the most important of all when choosing Border Collie breeders, are the things they ask about you.

The breeder must ask you a few questions which you may find personal such as your location, your purpose in adopting or buying a dog, the size of your property, your experience in dog care, and many more.

These questions are important because professional breeders will never let their puppies go to irresponsible owners.

Looking for good dog breeders can be a challenge. However, you need to be patient in order to get the best deal. Buying a dog is not only about saving on cost but also ensuring that you are helping reduce continuous breeding of Collies that have bad genes.

Collies have genetic diseases and it is best not to breed these types for their own sake. Lastly, you need to talk to a lot of breeders before making a decision. Remember, breeders are still businessmen who can be very slick.

To some degree, you need to be very keen in choosing the right breeder or else, you will end up with a dog that will give you more problems than fulfillment.

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