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Border Collie Grooming Tips – Time to Take Care of Your Pets with Proper Ways

Taking care of a Border collie dog is one of the best things a person can do, especially if he is in the sheep and farm business. However, Border Collie grooming is essential to ensure that your pet lives a healthy and happy life.

Aside from the benefit of grooming, you as the owner will be able to check other problems such as fleas and ticks. This is also a good time and venue for the pet and master to have a bonding moment, strengthening the relationship between the two.

Here we will show you some tips on how to groom your Border Collie.

The Coat

First, you need to know your dog’s type of coat. A Border Collie has two main coat types: (1) the sleek and short and the (2) coarse and long. A collie’s hair can grow up to three inches long and this can really be a challenge.

If your collie has coarse and long hair, it needs regular brushing to prevent hair mattes. Without consistency in brushing, a Collie’s hair will get tangled and will lead to other problems.

Only use dry shampoo and only when it is necessary. This is because you are risking the loss of hair nutrients if you keep on shampooing your Collie. As you keep on shampooing, the hair will become brittle and dry and the hair will lose its natural oils.

The safest thing to do to maintain a great coat is to spend at least 10 minutes three times a week brushing the coat of your dog.

If you find a matte and cannot split it, cut it carefully with a pair of blunt-nosed scissors. Keep a close eye on areas where matte normally forms such as the armpit and behind the ears.

The Body

The next step to Border Collie grooming is the body. Check the dog’s ears, skin, nail, and teeth. This should give you a chance to check if your pet caught parasites or if the teeth need brushing.

You can also check for cuts and sores or infections. If you see any of these, it is best to take your Border Collie dog to a specialist or a veterinarian.

Sometimes, the collie’s ears may seem too dirty. The fact is, it does not have dirt but mites. It is best to take your dog to a vet and get a prescription.

There are several medications available for ear mites. Follow the instructions carefully as these medications also have strong chemical content.

Your patience in terms of Border Collie grooming will be tried with the nails. You may want to cut the nails if they have grown long enough. Do not cut the nails with scissors because these are not designed for cutting dog nails. Instead, buy a clipper specifically designed for dogs.

Be aware that dogs do not like their paws being touched. Their paws are sensitive so you will encounter a lot of resistance. Be patient and consistently talk to your Collie, reminding him how a good boy he is.

Lift the hair on the toes to see where the nails are. Gently push the paws outward to see the toes. Using the clipper, nip the nails but be very careful not to nip too much. The nail has an area in which the color changes from white to red or pink.

The pink or red area has nerve endings that are very sensitive and contain blood vessels. Always cut the nails with a few millimeters far from the red line or else, your dog will bleed.

Border Collie grooming should not be a difficult task if you start grooming your dog as a pup. This will help instill discipline and make it an expected routine for the dog.

Encourage good experiences everytime you groom such as giving treats so your dog will associate grooming to good things.

For further information on Border Collie grooming, we suggest you check out the highly recommended Border Collie eBook and audio package today!