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Your Complete Guide to Border Collie Dogs

General Appearance and Description

Bred mostly for working, Border Collie dogs are medium-sized canines. The body is observably longer than it is tall with a medium-sized tail.

The weather-resistant coat has two varieties: (1) the short and sleek coat than can grow as long as one inch and (2) the long and rough coat which can grow up to three inches long.

The hair on the face and ears are shorter than the hair on the body and the coat may come in several varieties of colors such as black, white, yellow, gray, and sable.

Its head size is moderate in size and has about the same length with its muzzle. The ears are also moderately set apart just like its oval eyes.

Basic Temperament

Known for their intelligence, Border Collie dogs are very aware of their surroundings and may be trained to high proportions. Because of this, this breed is used mostly for herding. It has high levels of agility, stamina, and obedience.

These dogs need high levels of exercise or they will become restless. They can also show aggressiveness against other male dogs unless the owner has complete control of the “pack’s” leadership. They are also not good to be around non-canine animals such as cats.

Border Collie dogs can be very sensitive so it is essential to expose them to their environment at an early age, ideally when they are still puppies. Collie pups can adapt well if you just socialize them enough.

As the Collie pups mature, they may challenge their owner’s authority and this is a critical period in establishing your authority. Once this roadblock is overcome, there shouldn’t be any problem at all.

Collie dogs are not ideal pets if they are not mentally and physically exercised to an extent that they are so tired. Lack of exercise can make this breed really destructive.

Care Required

Border Collie dogs are not sensitive. Just like any other pet, you need to deworm them when young and have other vaccines to ensure immunity from common diseases. Deworming needs to be done every three months.

Check the ears frequently for ear mites. Diet needs to be of meat component high in protein and fat. Only bathe the collie if necessary and brush its coat three times a week.

Exercise Requirements

Collie dogs need lots and lots of physical stimulation and exercise. As mentioned previously. They will become destructive if they are bored. They also have a tendency to be “escape artists”.

Due to their intelligence, they can find ways on how to escape in just about any situation. Just when you have placed a latch in its cage, the dog has already found a way to unlatch it. If you put a fence, they will learn how to dig under it or jump over it.

At a tender age, you need to make it a point that the dogs get enough exercise. If your Collie dog is not for herding purposes, you need to redirect the dog’s energy as early as possible.

Collie pups will somehow redirect their herding instinct if they get enough game such as catching Frisbees.


Border Collies will take dominance of the house if you do not set your authority at the onset. It is easy to train compared to many dogs but you need to do it while it is young.

Height and Weight

Male Border Collies normally measure 19-22 inches in length while female ones are between 18-21 inches. Males can weigh up to 45 pounds but the most common is 30 pounds while females can weigh between 27-42 pounds.

Health and Longevity

These dogs can live up to 17 years with a minimum of 10 years. The most common lifespan is 12 years. The most common genetic disease of Border Collies is Collie Eye Anomaly or CEA. It is an inherited eye disease which may impair the dog’s vision.


Border Collies are ideal for farmers. If you intend to keep one as a pet, you need to be prepared to give it a lot of exercise and physical activities.

It is not advisable to keep one if you have smaller pets and if you have children because its herding instinct may surface and cause danger. This breed will become destructive and obsessive if not given proper amount of exercise.

It also has compulsive nipping habits and loves to chase anything that moves due to its herding instinct. It will chase joggers, children, bikes, cars, and other animals. This breed also shed a lot and is not the right dog if you have a carpet.

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