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Border Collie Puppies - Befriend Your Border Collie With Proper Care And Love

It is undoubtedly an exciting moment when you take a Border Collie puppy home. The entire family is in high anticipation of having a pet and the kids are excited to play with the dog.

But how should you care for the puppy? What are the things you need to know to ensure that your Border Collie will live a happy life right at the moment it steps its little paws on your doorstep?

The Travel Time

Not all Border Collie puppies travel well. Some puppies may be stressed and get sick. Some puppies, however, can easily fall asleep while traveling and will not be a hassle. To prevent travel sickness, you need to withhold food from the puppy on the day it will be traveling to its new home.

You also need to have a spacious and well-ventilated travel cage where the dog can stay. If you do not have a cage, a crate or box will do. When using a box, put newspapers or rubber mats to prevent it from getting slippery when the dog spilled its water or if it peed.

The Food Supply

Always find out what the puppy is used to eating. This way, you can prepare well ahead and stock the type of food that your puppy needs. Border Collie puppies, like other dogs and animals, will have upset stomach if you abruptly change their diet.

It is a great practice to feed the puppy its usual food and then slowly introduce the new food until it gets used to it. Puppies need about three to five meals per day.

Make sure that you feed your puppy dog food from reputable brands to ensure the presence of adequate nutrients in every meal. Avoid making the food available at all times.

This will develop a bad eating habit if the dog knows that the food is just there. Besides, this practice is also unhygienic. Leaving the food like that lets it accumulate bacteria.

The Vet Visit

True enough, it is expensive to keep pets due to the medical obligation. Border Collie puppies need to be dewormed just as any dogs do. A visit to the veterinarian should be your top priority if you want your puppy to be healthy.

During the first check up, the vet will give your puppy a vaccination and provide flea treatment. Border Collie breeders will normally have these things done before selling the pups so you need to ask for these details.

The House Training

After all the activities in a day, your puppy will definitely need the toilet. Most Border Collie breeders do not have the time to toilet train the dogs. It is your responsibility as the new owner to develop the correct toilet habit.

Border Collie puppies will move out of its “nest” or away from its food when they want to poo. It is also a common observation that puppies pee after waking up from a nap.

When you see signs of the puppy needing the toilet, take it to a designated place where it can do its thing. Once done, reward the puppy and commend it for a job well done. This takes time and a great deal of observation.

Having a puppy is a great and exciting thing. However, it is also a huge responsibility. Unless you are emotionally and mentally prepared, it is not advisable to take a puppy because it is likely to lead to a situation in which you are hurting the animal.

Aside from the actual care, puppies can do damage to your appliances and furniture. They will explore and scratch everywhere.

They might even pee everywhere even after you have taught them where to do their thing. Patience and love are always the key to a fruitful owner and puppy relationship.

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