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Four Tips in Performing Border Collie Training

Known as a working canine, Border Collie dogs have been around for generations and they are used by humans in herding sheep and other livestock. This breed is also known to be a good and loyal house pet. A Border Collie is very smart and taking care of one always entails intellectual warfare.

However, this behavior and intelligence did not happen by chance. Serious training was put in place to make the Border Collie dogs develop their intellect and hone their instincts.

What should a Border Collie owner need to know to adequately train his dog? Below are tips that will help you make your Collie something that you will be proud of.

Socialize the Dog

The first step in Border Collie training is socialization. This is especially so if the dog is an adult that you took for adoption. The same applies for Collie puppies that you either bought or adopted, except for litters of your current Border Collie (if you have any).

The dog needs time to adjust to its new environment and allow it to have contact with its owners and other humans that frequent its environment.

Walk the dog frequently in the neighborhood on regular intervals or schedules. This will help the dog familiarize itself with its surroundings and help it understand routine.

Provide a Crate

The second step to Border Collie training is the provision of a home. If you do not have the space or the means to provide a doghouse, at least provide a crate that the dog can call its own. The crate should be provided as early as possible, especially for Collie puppies.

The dog needs to be accustomed to this little home where it can seek refuge when it is tired or stressed. Do not use the crate as a sort of punishment or the dog will associate its crate with bad feelings. The crate should serve as the dog’s haven and sanctuary where it can rest.

Develop a Routine

When training a dog, you need to set rules and timelines of activities and stick to this list. It is imperative that you do not falter in these rules because adherence to these rules will let the dog know its place and its role.

It is of equal importance that everyone in the household follows the same rules or else you are running the risk of having the dog ignore these rules and dominate you and your household.

There are many activities that you can put into perspective or practice during Border Collie training but the few below are the most significant ones.

  • Never give food to the dog from the table no matter how much it begs for it.
  • Do not let the dog sleep with you on the same bed.
  • Eat your meals first before feeding him. The dog should know that the master eats first.
  • You should always lead the pack. This means you should walk through doors first before the dog.

Reprimands Should be Proper

Lastly, do not expect the dog to be trained in an instant. Border Collie training requires a huge amount of patience. Do not reprimand a dog unless you caught it in the act.

This means that if you do not allow it to poo in particular places but it did when you were not around, do not reprimand the dog. Only do so if you caught it in the act. This is the only way the dog will associate punishment with action.

The problem with scolding the dog after the act is that it develops confusion and this will eventually make the dog fearful and resentful.

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